I Just Slid Wikipedia a Couple of Bucks

I use Wikipedia regularly, and apparently it’s costing them a bundle to keep the servers going. While I have on occasion had issues with the way they run things, overall this is shaping up to be a humanity-changing effort. So I slid them a couple of bucks. If you use Wikipedia a few times a week, you should too. They’re looking for big donations, but if everyone voluntarily pays just a little we get closer to the utopian ideal.


3 thoughts on “I Just Slid Wikipedia a Couple of Bucks

  1. So I got a thank-you comparing me to a little English girl who donated her five-pound allowance. The assumption was that I’d given more. Thing is I just slid them a couple of bucks.

    The whole thing just reinforces my belief that by making tiny donations effortless we could change charity. As a personal crusade, I will continue to slide couples of bucks and probably not advertise the fact here unless I think the microscopic publicity can compound my microscopic largesse.

  2. First of all, I want to say thank you for creating Jer’s Novel Writer. It is AMAZING! It is so organized and even inspiring. I don’t see how any writer could live sanely without it. Having been so excited by the usefulness of it, I decided to take a peek at your website and thus your blog and was even more excited to find out that you donated to Wikipedia! I think Wikipedia is such a hugely important part of humanity and the warm-hearted people behind it deserve so much support. So, in conclusion, you seem to be an awesome person and I felt I should thank you for that. :)

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