Jerry For President

The obvious question is “Why the hell would you go and do something like that?” I simply couldn’t find anyone to vote for who would put my interests over those of big campaign donors. I am accepting absolutely no campaign contributions, and I hope to get a few votes. Most of all, I get to call George Bush a moron and an embarrassment to our country in a constructive, political manner.

The name of my party is Not For Sale.

11 thoughts on “Jerry For President

  1. The old election addage:

    First you must find the man who is best for the job, and then ask youself “why isn’t he running?”

  2. But I am not spending any money on my campaign. That is very important. Not getting poor, and not owing any favors.

  3. Not that I think you should take it all the way, like some of our politicians, but there is a bit of wisdom in the writing of the bible. I can’t help but wonder what the atmosphere in Iraq would be now if instead of responding to the insurgency with violence (I have Falluja in mind as I write this) we had turned the other cheek and responded with kindness. THink of how the community would have reacted to clean water, food, building materials and the like. There would be a lot less support for the “rebel” fighters now, and a lot less rebels. Strange that for a “god fearing christian country” that we act like such heathens.

  4. Yeah, I’m trying to convert myself to the metric system (with the obvious exception of the mileage for this blog), but only with partial success. My reusable space vehicle entry has both miles and meters. That’s the kind of thing that crashes your space probe into Mars.

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