Dear Mr. Obama

I can dance you into the ground. Seriously. I think there might have been a time in your life when you could let go and allow the music to move you, but that was before politics. Take heart knowing that you are the only candidate worthy of my challenge.

You. Me. Loud music. I will shame you.


3 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Obama

  1. All Obama has to do is to out dance McGeezer. Not a tall order but what’s this? It’s Palin coming out to give Barack a lap dance! Oooohhhh Mama!

    /and Jerry, I’ve seen you shakin it to Polkacide. And it ain’t pretty!
    //Hey where’s the ‘cide going to do Oktoberfest? John, help a brother out here!

  2. If you and Obama have a square off on the dance floor, I at least get to be a solid gold dancer. You can cut a rug into a million pieces! Go Jerry! Maybe you should run for president?

  3. Polkacide will be tearin’ it up at Annie’s Social Club on Hallowe’en Night. I’ll scatter some acorns in the Polka Pit for ya, Squirrely.

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