A Message I Wrote Tonight to Dev Davis, who Wants to be My Mayor, about Tough Love

Edit for context: Dev Davis wants more cops as part of her solution for homelessness – although saying that finding shelter for the homeless is a county problem.

This whole ‘tough love’ thing is based on some pretty shaky premises. Underneath it all, you are saying it’s a county problem, solved by county programs. Not your budget, and if the county falls short of helping these people then lets get some more cops to move them out.

Your assumption is that if the county safety net misses someone, they WANT TO BE HOMELESS. They want to live each day without running water, or shelter, a good meal, or even the protection of the police you want more of to protect US from THEM. They must not want access to health care. So your “love” is to kick them around until… what? What even is your ideal outcome?

The entire idea that withholding services from people who have NOTHING will make things better is laughable.

Go down to the river, Dev. Meet those people. Children, elderly, purple-heart vets. Tell them to their faces about your tough love.


1 thought on “A Message I Wrote Tonight to Dev Davis, who Wants to be My Mayor, about Tough Love

  1. Re: “Tough Love”
    Welkom to New Amerika, citizen. Konsumers or Kops. No money? Kops. Money? Konsumer. No freeloading. Social love? Not government concern. Get job, pay own way. Not enough pay for housing? Get better job. No free parking. Move along.
    Amerika always have place for freeloaders. Prison industries. Good job there. Hot and a kot. Lifetime opportunity.

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