From the old days

From the old days

Now’s the time to do sleep,
Close the eyes, count the sheep,
And when cock’s crow makes chickens cluck
to roll over, mutter, “fuck”
And sleep some more.

5 thoughts on “From the old days

  1. I improvise the Fort Knox of pie safes

    My turkey loaf, cooling, is secure

    The cats doze, feigning indifference

    Who’s the boss here?

  2. Email chills the soul

    The singer is no diva

    He tells us so, no?

    He has been patient

    And he is not a diva

    He tells us so, no?

    He is no diva

    And I’m the next Clifford Brown

    You heard it here first

    He is no diva!

    Capitulate or he’s gone

    I told ya so, no?

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