I’m a writer again

During the last weeks of non-stop prep work for filming, I have been so busy with technical details that even when I sit down to chronicle my adventure, I have been typing more than writing. I haven’t been able to get my head into that free-flow state, looking at things a little bit sideways, measuring the effect of the world around me on who I am. This morning, a full day of shooting behind me and with no clearly defined role in the remaining production, I felt myself slide into that happy place.

I was driving, enjoying the sweet clean air of the desert morning, tunes up loud, and the words started to come. I remembered experiences over the last few days that had meant little at the time, but now I could take the time to feel them.

Buggy asked me about it once. I don’t remember his exact question, but he wanted to know if writing about my road trip as I went along affected the way I experienced it. Was I detaching myself from an event as it happened, imagining how I would write about it later? Sometimes it’s true. There are times when, as I look at a sunset, I’m experimenting with different words to describe it. It’s like when someone goes to a museum and takes a picture of a famous painting, then moves on without looking at the painting itself. Sometimes I have to stop the little typewriter in my head and just enjoy things.

But I’ve missed that voice lately. I’ve missed putting words together just because they sound nice next to each other, and carry a little extra meaning. I miss putting a little more of myself than I’m comfortable with into my writing (which I don’t do very often anyway, alas). This morning I had the feeling again, and even as I write this I’m off in another place, reflecting on the last few underreported days.

Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “I’m a writer again

  1. glad to hear you are finding some time in all that shooting mess to get yer head straight.

    your flat burned down,

    but other than that, all is well…”back home”

  2. Soup Boy! Glad to hear from you. I just printed up a new set of the storyboards you drew. They have drawn high praise over here. Hopefully fuego still has the signed and dated Slivovice spill.

    Kiss a Czech sweetie for me.

    Oh, and don’t look behind the stove.

  3. I’m looking forward to hearing the whole story of movie-making once you’ve had time to let the Writer toy with the words and place them in just the right spots.

    Nevertheless, this has all been riveting reading for me.

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