Your Vote is Needed!

Harlean Carpenter (who is a fiction) has a photo entered in a contest at Pinup Lifestyle. It’s a pretty cool picture. The winner is decided by public vote, and while there is some pretty strong competition, it’s realistic to think she has a shot. I (who is less of a fiction but not entirely real) took the picture, and I think it’s easily the best photo not taken in a professional studio with real photography lights.

The theme of this month’s contest is circus/carnival (or something like that). Some of the entries aren’t really on-theme, but a few really do capture the theme in a pinup style.

The thing is, judging by last month’s winner, it’s not always the best that wins. It’s the one that gets the most votes. Don’t let this injustice happen again! Pop on over to Pinup Lifestyle, vote for my fictitious friend, and then hang out a while to look at the other excellent photos (borderline safe for work).


2 thoughts on “Your Vote is Needed!

  1. Thank you, Jerry, for being a genius with a camera. And thank you in advance for your support, everyone who votes for us. Just so you know, voting ends at 11:59 p.m. PST on 3/30. So there’s never been a better time than RIGHT NOW to click that link… :D

  2. A big thank-you to everyone who voted. Alas, we were not the victors. There were a few pics in the contest I really wouldn’t have been disappointed to lose to; the winner, alas, in this humble amateur photographer’s eye, was not even in the top group. The main problem: it wasn’t a pinup shot (unless you like big men with tattoos). This was supposed to be a pinup contest, after all.

    Still, that’s the way of Internet voting; often it’s more about the network than the quality of the work. We’ll be entering again, because it’s fun and because some of the people who look at our work seem to like it. You never know when that megabucks talent scout will happen by…

    Also, the plan we have for next month could be really cool if we pull it off right. I’m pretty stoked.

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