Harlean (who is a fiction) has an ambitious shooting schedule set up. There are several magazines asking for submissions for Halloween spreads and contests, and she figures it’s time to get her fictitious face in them.

I am moderately less fictitious, and my role in all this is to take pictures.

Today’s shoot was zombie-themed, and we had a prop brain, of course. Once the serious shooting was done, I experimented a bit on myself, going for over-the-top dramatic lighting and (surprise) a bit of silliness.


What they call low-key lighting, even though the key light is totally dominant.


Hey, there’s a light up above the set, may as well crank it up and take off the diffuser. (“Diffuser” is a fancy word for “piece of paper”.)


The logical conclusion of the sequence, shot with only a light above and behind. I was going for that back-alley distant-streetlight shadow-dwelling hyphen-using brain eater look here.


This was actually the first shot I took. The light doesn’t hit my face right, but I like my expression. So let’s justify putting it here by making it black and white and cropping it down to a head shot.


4 thoughts on “Brains!

  1. The pics are much sexier when Harlean is in them…bring her back, please and get ur ass behind the camera!! ha ha ha…


  2. Jerry, why does your ‘zombie’ have glasses on top of ‘its’ head? I can’t recall a single zombie sporting eye wear. *laughs*

    Like Tracy said, back behind the camera!

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