Two myths of acting

pause = drama

stammer = emotion

15 thoughts on “Two myths of acting

  1. People could actually learn a lot by watching daytime dramas. The actors who subscribe to the aforementioned myths are very short-lived. The ones who don’t, even if they arrived in the drama on an absolutely ridiculous and clearly temporary storyline, or started out as minor background characters, end up sticking around.

  2. Is William Shatner on the set? That’s essentially his whole acting ‘bag-o-tricks”.

    Something……has….happednedtomyship! The… crew….appears….to….be…..takenoverbyaliens…. Spock….analysis.

  3. I’ve had a couple of close encounters with the SSDC lately. Several of my friends have also run into (over?) charter members of the SSDC recently. I suggest you raise the alert level.

  4. When I’m not on dialup I’ll cross-check field reports with my other measures and determine the current threat level. Thank you for your information; it is only through the diligent efforts of all that we can hope to defeat the fuzzy-tailed menace.

  5. From recent reports.. I think a hightened level of alert is merited. Listen to Sully… it could save lives.

  6. Ummm….. Haloscan still thinks I’m you. I got all those icons that would let me alter or delete posts and stuff. I clicked on “logout,” but I’ve still got the message at the top that I’m logged on as you, and I’ve still got those icons.

    Since the squirrels have sabotaged my satellite dish, as well as my doorbell and home security system, my computer might be next.

    Oh, and these critters are clever as well. They completely blocked Echostar 110W, but they allowed the system to receive Echostar 119W — but only ONE channel, A&E, and only for ONE hour, during “Crossing Jordan.” Now I must figure out what message they are trying to send.

  7. I think you’re right. Squirrel Chatter in the Channel is at an all-time low. Obviously they have established a silent period just before their suicide strike!

  8. Ah, once I posted that message, the login and icons disappeared. I just hope the squirrels didn’t do something bad while that security breach was open.

  9. OK, this isn’t so much a real post as an attempt to get Haloscan to stop putting Muddled Ramblings in as my URL. Simply deleting the text doesn’t work. I’ll see what happens when I replace the text with blank spaces.

  10. What about the chipmunks?

    I think all of us would agree that a single chipmunk poses little threat. However, this weekend I was driving near the Canadian border and spotted a herd of four crossing the road in what looked like a precise formation.

    For how long can we count on their neutrality?

  11. Bailey has been on patrol. But the squirrels still just tease him. So he is taking their subordinates, Opossums and field mice.

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