There goes one excuse…

A study in a recent European medical journal compared the fitness of men against the amount of beer they drank. One conclusion: the beer belly is not a beer belly. The researchers found no relationship between beer consumption and weight.

I have to wonder, though, whether the researchers were entirely unbiased. It was a joint study between scientists from Britain and the Czech Republic. I bet they were all overweight beer drinkers.

4 thoughts on “There goes one excuse…

  1. Your title seems to indicate that this is a negative result. Forgive me, but I think that is viewing the pilsner as half empty rather than half full. Sure, I can no longer rationalize, “I have this roll of stomach over my belt because I enjoy my beer.” But on the other hand, I can now shout, “Bring me another beer, because there’s no connection between my beer habit and my habit of wearing XXL t-shirts!”

  2. The researchers were obviously (Obviously!) differentiating between beer bellies and Beer Muscle.

    I am Nieuwguyski and I approve this message!

  3. You are right, Keith. I thought about that right after I posted the bit… and ordered a beer. I am fortunate that I did not waste my time on some low-beer diet in a misguided attempt to lose weight.

  4. Two words: peer review

    The idea of worry free beer drinking sounds intriguing, but the rigors of science demand reproducibility before this theory can be exalted as fact.

    (I know you know where I’m going with this.)

    It sounds like a job for the crackerjack researchers of dear old Muddled U. Please let me know when the grant money comes through.


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