The Best What Now?

So I’m watching a little bit of illegal television right now, consuming the NFL’s product and watching their ads despite their best efforts. One of the ads that the NFL does not want me to see is for Nissan. Apparently they now have “The Best New Small Crossover of 2008.” (Apparently “crossover” is the new word for “station wagon”. At least they’ve stopped pretending that they’re sport utility vehicles.)

Just how many new small crossovers were there this year? More than one?

4 thoughts on “The Best What Now?

  1. Oh, yeah, there were bunches of new small crossovers. Now that “SUV” has become tainted by the connotation “gas guzzler,” nobody wants to produce SUVs any more. So the things built on small-car platforms (they don’t have frames) but that claim to have light-truck performance (despite not having frames) are now known as “crossovers” — a term that seems to mean “We used to pretend that it was an SUV because SUVs were trendy, but now we’re admitting it’s not an SUV, it’s an economy car that we put some SUV stuff onto.”

    And if you define “new” as a major redesign of an existing model, there have been a lot of new small crossovers this year, as the manufacturers are scrambling to redefine their products.

  2. I may not have the biggest vehicle, but mine does go further than many of these crossovers. And I do get about the same milage on trips as they do in the city.

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