Overheard In My Apartment

I talk to myself often, but I rarely listen. Tonight I was standing in the middle of the room, looking about, when I heard myself say, “There’s a new kind of wisdom in town.”

6 thoughts on “Overheard In My Apartment

  1. Oddly, the czechs don’t consider beer to be “alcohol” (thus the advice not to mix beer and alcohol). So by the Czech definition, the answer to your question is no.

  2. Was this Sheriff Jerry talking to outlaw Jerry?
    There’s a new Kind of wisdom in town. Boy. So you best move along.
    Yeah sheriff? Well, this boy says they ain’t enough room in dis here-ah town fo dah both of us. I’ma callin yer wisdom out.

  3. In other news…
    No Country for Old Men is a big winner in the academy awards. Congrats to pL. I didn’t watch last nite, but I’m sure there was an award for best performance by a large automobile from the 1970s.
    In other movie news…
    The Bodies exhibit is coming under expanding scrutiny and controversy. A local gal was offended enough to start a protest when the Bodies came thru our area mall. She patched other local protests into a national protest, and recently ABC’s 20/20 primetime news show ran a feature about the controversy. Now the AGs of some states are getting involved, because the owners of the show can’t definitively prove the people consented to having their bodies displayed. So when Jer was being the phenomenal Bond extra that he was, little did he know he was a part of controversial history. Just another example of the man keepin the people down. Jer, did you know you’re the man?

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