Only in Los Alamos

I saw a truck today, a big ol’ Dodge 4×4, mud-splattered but in good condition. The front vanity plate read “Forget 911… I dial .357!” and had a drawing of a revolver pointed directly at the reader.

On the rear of the cab were stickers. Some proclaimed the owner of the truck to be in favor of various causes favored by the conservative crowd: POW/MIA, the right to bear arms, and so on. There were also five stickers in a row, white ovals modeled after the stickers that in europe indicate country of origin. In this case, the stickers indicated that the driver was from PHP, WWW, MP3, C++, and W3C. Man, what a geek.

14 thoughts on “Only in Los Alamos

  1. Keith, you yella-bellied, flea-bitten, twinkie-eatin, perrier-sippin, l.l.bean-wearin, prancin lefty varmit, I wouldn’t waste a load of squirrel shot on yew. Yew keep yer fancy pants prius outa the way o my pickem-up truck, and keep yer eye out fer a fat-free muffin. Made it special fer yew, don’t mind the slight almond smell – it’s california flavorin. Hell, boyyy, when I ain’t PHPin in yer momma’s backyard, I’m polishin my MIRV fer WWW, as in werld whar threee. Damn, son I shit bigger’n yew, so if’n yew think yer comment was funny, waal I guiss one turd’s laughter is a man’s invitation to deliver a knucklesandwich. Hold the tofu mayo.

  2. Hey Jesse’s dad,
    Since you seem to be into protecting yourself and understand something about computers, you might to be good resource for protecting my laptop from Viruses. What programs would you recommend for a Mac with 10.4.3? Evidently, Virex and Norton don’t work.

  3. First off, when I read Keith’s comment, I laughed out loud. He gets 5 million bonus blog dollars to spend in the MOH comemorative store.

    Secondly, the imposter, while creative, (and Keith) are way off: dad was able to finish his lab career right before any strong need to use a computer. If you need help puttin an A Bomb down a hole and fire’n up that mofo, he’s your man. None of this dainty computer jive.

    Thirdly the imposter definately doesn’t know dad, because his response would have been something along the lines of, “What?, What in the *&$%#^@*E& *&$(*&@# (^$(*#& *&^%$% !(*!^#^*@ ((@#(**$K **^&$&^% !%%###!!*&#^% $^^% !&^#&^ *&^$#%#@&…..shit ass!”

    Jer can confirm.

  4. Hello Jer.
    I’m here because I searched for a novel-writer program. Your was almost the only freeware. Could you please do it for Windows too?


  5. I have encountered a problem.
    The program won’t work till I have a printer installed. But I don’t have one. What should I do in order to get it movin’? Do I really need a Windows CD for installing a non-existant printer?

  6. I don’t even own a printer, and I can think of no reason JNW would fail without one, but if you’re trying to use Jer’s Novel Writer on Windows, it will not work. It just plain won’t, and there’s nothing you can install on your machine to make it work, except that cracked copy of MacOS for Intel that’s floating around out there…

    I won’t say that JNW will never, ever work on windows – all it will take is a Cocoa port and I’m golden. However, that is very, very unlikely. I can say, however, that the days of JNW being free are nearly at an end.

    roughdraft is a competent word processor, although it lacks margin notes and a one-click database feature. Then again, it has other features JNW does not, and it’s on Winders.

    Also note that there is a forum for Jer’s Novel Writer Tech support at

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