Night of the Busy Brain

I couldn’t sleep last night. My brain just wouldn’t quiet down. Kept thinking of stuff. Sometimes those times are productive, however. Last night I thought of:

  • Why my algebraic attempts to calculate the point on a sloped line where the two halves of the shape had the same area were turning out so complex
  • How to make money off PeoplePost (ten years too late).
  • What to call my next version of PeoplePost
  • One of the reasons Tomcat won’t run as a daemon on my machine
  • There was a WordPress thing, too. What was it?
  • Sometimes a weasel with a hammer… um… maybe that wasn’t so productive.

Anyway, eventually I fell asleep. That was about two hours ago. I’m more convinced than ever that alarm clocks are the bane of our civilization.


1 thought on “Night of the Busy Brain

  1. PeoplePost. Money. Check. Keeping my fingers crossed fer ya.
    Sometimes I can’t sleep and I get online and do stuff. Sometimes involving your better half. And she responds. Whats up widdat? Does TG never sleep? Is that why you are so interested in stories de vampyre?

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