Next they’ll change its name to some wacky symbol

I just learned that the official name of the country of Macedonia is “The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”.

6 thoughts on “Next they’ll change its name to some wacky symbol

  1. I don’t mean to sound uppity, but, well, if you’d bothered to watch the Eurovision Song Contest over the last couple of years you would have known that already.

    Honestly man, get some culture….

  2. As I recall, Greek Macedonia raised a fuss and claimed they were the one, true Macedonia. Thus FYROM was created.

    I know, that’s not a terribly interesting comment. I really wanted to ask how much longer I need to serve as MOH before I am vested in the pension plan.

  3. Oh yeah, that reminds me on “Big Break” of Yugoslavia right after “Velvet Divorce” of Czechoslovakia in 1990… “The Former Yugoslavia” has got broken by Yugoslavian citizens. It is unbelievable, but thanks to themselves (brother against brother, and their neighbours. Their revolution become into a “Citizen war”, and their as beautiful as strong Republic of Yugoslavia has got broken on six states (Srbia and Monte Negro, Bosna and Hercegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Makedonia, and Albania). Former Yugoslavian neighbour is Italia, so may there a reason of that bloody quarrels as between former friends as exhusbands come from… It wasn’t as “Velvet Revolution” as in Czech Republic in Nov 17, 1989… What a pity!

  4. I had no idea that the Eurovision song Contest was so filled with culture and enlightenment. I’m going to have to stop wasting so much time reading and hook up the TV.

  5. Cheryl, Andy the egg-fryer is MOH now, but that part of the site is a real PITA to update on a slow connection. I’ll try right now, but there’s no telling…

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