Girls Night Out at the Bowling Alley

I may have to start a new category in this here bolg: Observations in a bowling alley. There’s always something new to see here.

Tonight the writing has been especially difficult, for it is, indeed, girl’s night out. There is a large group of them, dominating four of the six lanes, and from my vantage point far above, each bowler provides her own unique distraction. For some, it is simple physical attraction. Others have a unique bowling style. One, a dark-haired cutie wearing 60’s-style striped pants, has the pendulum delivery.

There is another, her long, black hair tinted red, wearing glasses, a t-shirt and stone-washed jeans, who is quite obviously used to being good at things. She approaches bowling with the intensity of a serious athlete. It is interesting watching someone who is accustomed to excelling facing a task at which she does not excel. Her own expectation is still there.

All the women below me suck at bowling. I imagine it might be the first time for some of them. I’m pretty sure it’s the first time for athlete girl.

Here’s why I think so. In their first game, she was horrible. She dropped the ball so it rolled behind her. Gutter, gutter, gutter. She’s on her third game now, and she’s laying the ball down gracefully, almost silently, and she is following through with her hand high in the air. No one taught her this. Much of the time, the ball rolls straight and true, and she’s working on a score I would be satisfied with.

I hate people like that.

4 thoughts on “Girls Night Out at the Bowling Alley

  1. In the above, it’s important not to confuse “a score I would be satisfied with” with “a good score”. But hitting 118 on your third game ever is not so bad. They’re done bowling now, and apparently the dudes segregated to the far lanes were part of the group – they had reserved the entire bowling alley. They’re down there now, whooping it up, but I cannot see them, only hear them, so I don’t know if athlete girl has won any prizes.

    And how does this real-time commentary reach you? It seems the bowling alley just installed WiFi.

    As I watch, there seems to be a playoff going on between Athlete girl and High-score girl. No, I’m wrong. A few of them are playing out the time. It’s still distracting.

  2. There’s one more I have to tell you about. She’s a hoot. She timidly approaches the ball rack, stands over it for a moment, and without touching anything selects a ball, apparently at random. In one continuous motion she picks up the ball, does a quick-tippy-toe approach and with the barest flick of her wrist she lets go of the ball and sends it down the lane.

    I don’t think she’s trying very hard.

  3. Chicks are always distracting. Czech-chiks,I would only imagine moreso.

    /sounds like a definite zone to take a measure of the H-level.

  4. We had a good night of bowling here in Hot Sprigs Ark, went head to head with the champ, and got a tie for first out of it. MaK continued to improver her “Spidey Style,” and fun was had by all! I have to admit, I did find the Czech Chick bowling a bit distracting….

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