Funding for NASA

If private industry could sponsor NASA projects for the naming rights, I bet the space boys could make some pretty good money. Candy companies would make particularly good candidates for sponsorship, what with Mars and Milky Way and so forth. The one I want to see? That’s right, you guessed it… the Double Bubble Hubble Space Telescope.

8 thoughts on “Funding for NASA

  1. When I first thought of it, I thought of Hubba Bubba Hubble, but then I decided I liked Double Bouble Hubble better. They both have a certain je ne sais quois.

  2. Happy ought-to ought-to day.

    Given that today is also known as ground hog day, my kids asked me to check if the ground hog saw his shadow. Punxsutawney Phil did, so the non-scientific prediction is six more weeks of winter.

    While checking, I was surprised by how many Punxsutawney Phil wanna-bes are out there – Staten Island Chuck, Wiarton Willie and Schubenacdie Sam – just to name a few.

    Of course, my conclusion is that Muddled U. needs one, too.

    Jesse, can you train an ocelot to predict the weather?

  3. I dunno about teaching an ocelot to predict weather. But I am reminded of the time Jerry and I took a stroll thru Cuidad Juarez as 19ish, twenty-ish year olds. Every taxi driver wanted to introduce us to his “virgin” sister. Except the one taxi driver who wanted to take us to the donkey show to see a donkey play piano. I reckon that being based in Mauritius, Mud U will be sans winter (BTW, appropriate for a tropical animal like the Ocelot), so I will spend my time trying to teach the mascot to play piano.

  4. Happy Super Tuesday, y’all.
    Thinking about this election, I was suddenly struck by an idea for a short story that I throw out, free, to any writer needing an idea.
    There’s been some whining from the liberal European intellectuals that they oughta be allowed to vote for America’s president, too, since the leader of the free world affects the world’s people and not just Americans. I don’t reckon they cared much for this right when Clinton was president, but with Bush they are spittin mad. So picture a world in which America says okay, a global vote is allowed, and…all the Chinese and Indian eligible voters swing a landslide result for… Karl Rove. Be careful what you wish for.

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