Another Geeky Moment

They say you can tell a lot about a person by the books on his bookshelf. Tonight during a period of navel-gazing I wondered what one could conclude about the bookmarks saved in my browser. In the end, I decided “Prime Numbers from 2 to 999,983” is my geekiest bookmark, but I’m not the only geek out there, not by a long shot. What’s yours?

39 thoughts on “Another Geeky Moment

  1. This was a longer episode, but it was boring. Yes, even more boring than this version.

    Between being a Novelist, a programmer and a porn star, my brain is jut fried. Perhaps a little onagi is in order…

  2. For me, its either, the Financial Accounting Standards Board homepage, or MR&HBI.

    I just can’t pick a favorite in the geeky category.

  3. Doesn’t your mother offer a clipping service like mine?

    My geekiest bookmark (next to MR&HBI) would be the Apache URL Rewriting Guide.

    But give MR&HBI its geeky due: I was going to post a link to the Nova episode website for “Why the Towers Fell” in the architecture and triangles discussion, but decided against it because the level of science and engineering used was simply beneath the clientel of this blog.

    I know whenever I post, I’d better have my facts straight and ducks in a row, because Bob will correct any historical inaccuracy and Carol Ann will correct everything else.

  4. Ture enough, but her name is spelled Carol Anne.

    Is bookmarking of triple-axle sailboat trailer manufacturer’s web sites considered geeky? Or just dangerous?

  5. Pshaw! Her name isn’t spelled Carol Anne. It’s CA, you knuckleheads.

    geek links (ginks?): how ’bout the southeastern regional climate data center home page. Or maybe the short base reflectivity radar page for RDU airport?

  6. I decided that my professional geeky things, like references for various programming languages, while they are certainly extremely geekilicious, (comprehensive guide to .htaccess, anyone?) are more a reflection of what I do, where the prime number site is purely for the empire.

  7. Brian, have you seen the IRIS seismic monitor site?
    It’s nearly realtime earthquake monitoring, and one great side benefit is the global map shows what half of the world is in daylight.

  8. Wait a minute, Brian: if you’re 27,012, you’re also 27,011, at least as far as I read sitemeter. Are you in Santa Cruz? If so, I honor the constitutional process and turn the HOH throne over to you without your regrettable penchant for violence.

    I can wait until 28,001…..

  9. Klara outing agents? I note that “Klara” is an anagram for Karl A. (Rove). Hmmmm.

    Jerry, you better stay in the safety of Eastern Europe until indictments are handed out and we can make things safe for you over here.

  10. Congratulations John!

    The ranks of the pervious welcome Keith once again.

    Keith’s instictive tendency to weave sex into any and all threads will be remembered forever in the “Women from the past” section.

    Still, his reminising about his cross dressing days (Barbie costume in the ’80s) is a sign, like a pitcher getting high in the strike zone, that he needed a break.

  11. Bob,
    1) Sex sells. Didn’t they teach you that in your MBA program? Respectfully suggest you figure out how to apply this tried and true rule to the Lumber Industry, and I’m sure it will pay off for you in the end.
    2) Although I doubt you noticed it, I generally take the higher road, going for the double entendre (or at worst the pun), mixing in a little sophistication with the titilation. If the cost of my art is to be misunderstood by the boorish, then it is a bill I must pay while maintaining my dignity. I’m sure you wouldn’t understand.
    3) Those who can, do. Those who can’t, write about it.

  12. I have a bookmark titled “vinyl”(I don’t remember if it is connected to quesion #1 above)on the home computer and American Red Cross Instructors Corner at work.

  13. Wasn’t Wingnut the NM Tech student who was also a pilot? Isn’t there a story about bombing a car on the highway with notes wrapped around rocks?

    Today, we would just call the driver on his or her cell phone, but that wouldn’t make nearly as good a story.

  14. That is a good story, but that wasn’t wingnut. Wingnut wore a baseball cap lined with tinfoil to keep the voices out. The name was because the foil would stick out on either side, making it look like he had a giant wing nut on his head.

    I never knew him personally, but apparently except for the paranoid delusions here and there he was an OK guy.

  15. If you want to find him now, we could start a “Find Crazies from Jerry’s Past” thread. Of course, most of them are already here.

  16. I was cleaning up bookmarks and I found one yet geekier: DVD decryption in haiku.

    an excerpt:

    Oh, the other thing!
    Called “im”, a pointer to six
    bytes: a player key.

    (Now those six bytes, the
    DVD CCA says
    under penalty

    of perjury, are
    its trade secret, and you are
    breaking the law if

    you tell someone that,
    for instance, the Xing player
    used the following:

    Eighty-one; and then
    one hundred three — two times; then
    two hundred (less three);

    two hundred twenty
    four; and last (of course not least)
    the humble zero.)

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