Plans Taking Shape

I’ll be here in beautiful Scott’s Valley and environs for a few more days, maybe ten. Then I’ll head over to Tahoe, and from there down to Yosemite to catch Old Faithful and all that stuff. After that I’ll spin through Death Valley on my way to Vegas, then down to San Diego to take care of all the odds and ends I need to close. Then a drive over to New Mexico, dispose of the car, fly to San Angelo, fly to Durham, then from there to Prague.

Plan your parties accordingly!

Nothing is in stone, and you will notice a distinct lack of dates. If the road is friendly and the sun is shining, A visit to Bob is still very much an option.

4 thoughts on “Plans Taking Shape

  1. Don’t forget cousin John in Bozeman, a geyser’s blow from old faithful, and a days drive from Washington, state that is.

  2. Jerry,

    My phone number in Bozeman is 406-586-0546. Give me a call when you get in the area. BTW, the road to Old Faithful is closed for another couple of weeks. Plan accordingly.


  3. Thanks for the tip. I’m somewhat planning-impaired these days, but I think I can manage that one.

    “The Road to Old Faithful”… didn’t Hank Williams do that one?

    The Road to Old Faithful is closed,

    So turn ’round your truck and go home…

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