High Desert Retreat

Location: Laguna Vista (map – updated for much greater accuracy)
Miles 10339.0

Now I find myself holed up alone with the pups, high in the mountains. The closest town of any size is Chama (pop. 1,199), which has a couple of stores, a few restaurants, a couple of bars, and no traffic lights. I’m sure I’ll be reporting from the bars later, but I’ll have to be careful, it’s about 15 miles back home. I have no cell phone signal and only dialup Internet access, which still may prove to be too much.

This is a test for me. I have plenty of food, plenty of drink, and no obligations whatsoever except those I impose upon myself. My one and only goal: get The Monster Within to puberty. I think I can do it in four days or so if I work hard.

Last night, however, was not a good start. I did some farting around on the Internet and then I watched TV. TV! I’ve mentioned before what television does to me; I’m even stupider than most people when the box is glowing. I never built up the immunity that so many of my peers seem to have. So today, no boob tube, and only enough time online to care for and feed my Media Empire ™. And check out my favorite sites. And maybe try a link or two. Gaah! Bad Writer! Probably in the next few days the entertainment level here (if there ever was one) will be lower.

Time to take the dogs on a walk.

Back in the day, I had a very good routine going: work on Jer’s Novel Writer in the morning, take a break and go to a bar and write in the early afternoon, and come home and tend to the hut in the evening. Naturally my travels have disrupted this pattern, and it is very important for me to prove I still have what it takes to be what is called a “self-starter” in the business world. I’m not going to put much effort into the software this week, but the novel must be in good shape by October 31st, since of course I will be writing a different story in November.

Then I’ve got to figure out how to get published. That can’t be too hard, right?

11 thoughts on “High Desert Retreat

  1. Jer, seems people are allergic to the softwarehut Monster forum. I thought the book would generate a lively and healthy discussion over there, but there seems to be strangely few people involved in trashing yer book in front of your very eyes! What’s going on, people, I mean, Jer? Do you think they lost the link? I can think of no other reason! Seems it might be the last chance, if yer finalizing things in your artist getaway high in the hills of northern New Mexico.

  2. Well, I have to confess. I have been quite sidetracked the last few days. I will put in an honest effort to read and criticize the Monster.

    There better be lots of pictures and refrences to female genetalia…And make sure there are a few car crashes too.

    Publishing looks like it is taking on a new form these days. I know there are many places that will accept your book for publishing and print only when there is an order. I believe they will even list it on Amazon. I don’t know the cost but it may be something to think about.

  3. Self-publishing is an option, but not really a career-building one. It would be possible to sell a lot of books that way, but it’s very rare, and once I self-publish getting a traditional publisher is much more difficult.

    Sorry, no car crashes, but there is some sex. Nothing like the amount of sex in Rio Blanco (which only Melinda has read – I haven’t even read it myself), but a bit.

  4. As for the forum over at the hut, I thought there would be more comments about other people’s comments as well, but it may be that people aren’t comfortable criticizing my work in such a public place.

    I think I’ll try starting a few threads with leading questions and see if that helps.

  5. I’ve been line editing TMW which takes awhile. Should I just read the thing and post high-level comments at The Hut instead?

  6. Just read the bastard. When I found a typoe, I’d put a star on it; but I never showed anyone the stars. Imagination isn’t found(ed) in grammar! The monster will do you good!

  7. Well, the campaign got a little lost when I started my road trip. I suppose I could be stumping in every bar, but honestly I just haven’t been as pissed off about politics since I hit the road.

    Which is too bad, because both the major candidates have major problems. You’re still welcome to vote for me, however.

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