90 days

Yesterday marked day 90 of Jer’s Homeless Tour. When I left San Diego I told people that I would be back in “A couple of weeks” to finish my business there before heading east and eventually overseas. Weeks have become months, and here I am in Bozeman Montana, freeloading off my cousin John and flirting with bartenders.

I thought of doing a retrospective of sorts for this commemorative episode, or a discussion of lessons learned, or something like that, but you can just go back and read your favorites anyway.

I will say this, however: America is awesome. Canada is great, too. Wherever I’ve been, rural or urban, I’ve done cool things and met great people. I’ve visited bars in six states and two provinces, and I’ve enjoyed myself in each one. There’s always someone there or something going on that makes it worthwhile. I’ve seen beautiful scenery and had adventures. In 6000 miles I’ve had my share of highs and lows, but with thousands more miles to go my only questions is “How can I get someone to pay me to do this?”

Alas, what is suffering is my writing. I need to get a better balance in that aspect, and I need to get Jer’s Novel Writer into a true public beta.

Finally, thanks to all you guys for your support and for how fun your comments make this blog. I bet I have one of the highest comment/viewer ratios in blogdom. Keep up the good work, everyone.

3 thoughts on “90 days

  1. “Montanta” is that a contracted, reversed Jamaican pronunciation of “Atlanta Mon?”

    90 days – wow, where is the road trip headed next?

  2. Well, there is at least one San Diego reader who is looking forward to your return before you head out again. Amy and I are both quite ready to see you again. Joe is buying another bar in town, but I doubt it will be a go before you get here. Gene and John, and Bevins and Bobby are still in their appointed bar stools, and we’ll all be really happy to see you. I’m sure that the Tiki will be happy to welcome you back to Cheap Ass Beer Night.

  3. Ahh…

    Cheap-ass beer night. It’s good to know my appellation has not been forgotten.

    Let’s hear it for the cheap-asses!

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