The last guests are gone, fuego is out galavanting about somewhere, and I’ve got nothing on tap. I’ll come up with a new poll today, I think, but the best part is I have large blocks of time, multiple days in a row for the foreseeable future, and that means writing. Writing novels, to be more precice; I have managed to squeeze in time to bang out a few short stories, but most of them still need work. I did get one submitted to the Piker Press last night, but it may not be their style (although they always remind me they have no style). It just doesn’t have a very happy ending, and they’re generally a pretty jolly crowd. The last sentence is bugging me this morning, too, but I can’t put my finger on why.

Somehow fuego and I got a final draft of Pirates done as well; it’s a good story. We’ll find some way to get it made even if we don’t get selected for the shootout.

I’ll try to get some eels out soon, too. It’s getting a little more difficult now to just do a brain dump for an hour and have an episode, as the constraints of what I’ve said before and the need to actually have a plot make things more complicated. We’ll see if I can keep it fresh, as the kids say these days.

Glad to see the comments kept up during the period of less frequent and less creative episodes. Thanks, guys!

Finally, please note that I have changed the bar-counting criteria in the tours stats. I no longer include bars I went to with the primary intent of having a meal, eliminating about ten bar/restaurants from the list. I’m pretty sure there are a couple of places I went to while hanging out with my brothers friends that I never got on the list as well. Good times.

20 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. What’s the technorati link all about? I clicked on it, but what it took me to wasn’t much of an explanation.

  2. It’s a place that is supposed to link blog entries of a feather, based on some tag. I’m using the category title of the entry for my tag (because it’s easy) so what you get when you click the link for this episode is a list of other recent blog entries that the writer classified as “Idle Chit-Chat”. My entry should be at the top of the list, but it may be they haven’t scanned the site yet (I sent them a message to do so) or perhaps I just did the tag wrong.

    Not sure how useful it will be, really. It’s hard to imagine someone saying “That was good. I want MORE Idle Chit-Chat.” Ideally I would tag each entry in a more meaningful way.

  3. Do you think that the scanner (rhymes with eels) will pick up another blog (how ’bout them eels) that is reporting (eels) on the terrible shortage of new (more eels please) episodes about our favorite (eels) detective (eels) over here?

  4. subLiminAl messaging UndeR your meAniNg should havE a littlE aDded SubtlEty, i bELieve; So you should work on your approach.

  5. Bob, I will do whatever it takes to stop your evil plan.. that is if it doesn’t require me to leave me bar stool.

  6. Dammit, the evil plan TOTALLY involved bar stools. How could Brian have known?!?!?!? Curses, foiled again. Bob we gotta move to plan B.

  7. Jesse,

    Clearly we’ve found a worthy adversary. Do you think he guessed the part about the Kung Fu Brewmaster Pirate Bartenders, too?

  8. You bastards who can’t fess up to being you are almost as bad for this blog as Lew, the lousiest MOH ever, and I include me in that evaluation.

    For Christ’s sake, with the way you jerk-offs rename yourselves, it sounds like there are nearly a dozen assholes here, while really you are just a few. Can’t you fess up to what you want to try to say? Pseudonyms are for pussies and posers.

  9. Yuh -oh. The flame status has been switched to ON.

    I agree about the psuedonyms, tho’. That is totally for poseurs. People who go by aliases are whack jobs. By the way do you smell something? Damn, that’s nasty. Somebody let a fart in here, and it wasn’t me. No way, man. Come on people, fess up. Wasn’t me.

  10. Alright Jerk McSwede.

    I am not the lousiest MOH ever, a good leader allows her charges to be in control of themselves and only intervenes when she feels it necessary. Simply because I choose not to lord my position over everyone doesnâ??t make it any less mine. And since I am the MOH and you are obviously pervious I suggest you learn your roll.

  11. I bake yer damn roll, biatch! Granted, you are not the lousiest MOH ever. There was John H for example. At least he ignored the responsibilities honestly. As for pL, he did more in his tenure as MOH to further Muddled and its amoebic pseudopods than any besides the MOH founder, and soon to be Muddled Saint, Mr. 7K. (As a matter of fact, the only reason you are still MOH is due to pL’s ground breaking MOH polices re: egg fryers.) You tryin’ to get all Budist on our asses? To lead from behind, one has to actually lead.

  12. If I were to comment on the poor spelling here, I’d be here all night, so I’ll refrain. However, I do notice that at the moment, as I look at it, the sitemeter is blank. If it is currently out of order, does that mean it didn’t count me this evening? Do we really know what the count is, and who might be the next MOH?

  13. You want spelling, head over to fuego’s site. He’s got spelling like you’ve never seen it before.

    Sitemeter has its good days and bad days. There have been times when it simply wasn’t counting, but judging by the traffic reports it’s been counting lately even if it hasn’t been showing the count.

    Although it doesn’t count me, and dang if I didn’t forget to turn off the blocking so it would count pL. (I log on from his place frequently, so I have that IP address set to not be counted.)

  14. I have to say, even had the counter been turned on, I would not have been the new MOH. Unfortuanatly for me, I choose not to bring the ol’ computer on the weekend trip up to the spa near the german border. Also, I must admit that in order to fully fullfill myself as a true Babelist, I have learned to stand true to my preachings: in order for us to live in peace, language must evolve back into one toung. Without mutation, there is no evolution, with spellcheckers, there is no mutation.

  15. Could it be that I’ve been annointed Worst MoH So Far (WMoHSF)?

    Excuse me, while I bask in my own genius.

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