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I’m rushing around getting ready to leave for a two-week writing conference. I’ll tell you about that once I’m on the road but I thought you might want to take a look at a Web site I’ve been working on for some nice folks I’ve never met face-to-face. It’s CAKE! Yummy!

Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange

It’s all about global warming and doing something about it. The planet’s getting warmer; best to have a plan. Take a look!


12 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up To

  1. Ah, at last somebody taking a sensible approach. I get so tired of all of the people trying to cut greenhouse gases but not taking into account that climate change IS ALREADY HAPPENING (and it doesn’t really matter whether human activity is at fault, either). The most we can do with emissions reductions is to slow things down.

    It just plain makes sense to plan with climate change in mind, rather than pretending we can make it go away if we only try hard enough.

    • That’s not to say we shouldn’t also work to reduce the ongoing worsening of the problem by cutting back on greenhouse emissions. And even the Bushies finally had to admit that human activity is the primary contributor to the recent warming.

      One island nation is actually considering buying land elsewhere to cover the contingency that their current territory will be under water. Wow.

      The site is mainly for professionals in the field, but there’s stuff in there that anyone can use.

      • I’ve already passed the link along to someone who’s interested in this sort of issue (her most recent blog post was about marshland preservation in Jamaica Bay, New York), and I’m planning to spread the word further.

        And, yes, we definitely should continue efforts to abate greenhouse gas emissions, but enough damage has already been done that we have to deal with the effects as best we can.

        • There was an editorial in today’s San Jose Mercury News, supporting a developer’s plans to build 12,000 housing units on the site of an old salt-making refinery in Redwood City, right along the waterline of San Francisco Bay. Written by a “sustainability consultant,” the editorial lauds how green the whole plan is — not only in the execution of the buildings, but in its very conception.

          “To reduce Bay Area greenhouse gas emissions, the largest contributor to global warming, we need to reduce the number and distance of commutes necessitated by the massive housing shortage on the jobs-rich Peninsula.”

          “The answer is to locate new homes in walkable, transit-oriented communities near the jobs.”

          So the plan is to start with 1,436 acres of brine pools, located a few inches above sea level. Set aside 440 acres for the “re-creation” of native wetlands, and fill the remainder with dirt to the altitude of two or three feet above sea level, build a butt-load of housing units (and sports fields, to gain support), and pretend that this will reverse global warming to the extent that we won’t frantically be building dikes in 50 years.

          Unless the Big One hits, liquifies all that in-fill, and destroys all that housing before it can flood.

          • I’m surprised folks would even try to pull off something that suspicious as “green” in San Francisco. Do they really think people in the Bay Area are ecological idiots?

            At least we have a plan for global warming and the coming rise in sea levels and inundation of coastal areas. (1) Property 7360 feet above mean sea level. (2) Boats, a whole flotilla. Of course, if continental land surface areas shrink significantly, that will combine with global warming to increase the power and influence of hurricanes and typhoons.

            So, we’ll need a bigger boat. I’m on it.

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