What I Didn’t Say

I’m at Shark’s Ice right now, enjoying a fine local microbrew (21st Amendment IPA), and watching tykes skate. There’s a family at the table next to mine, watching the action, and they have a kid maybe 6 years old who is wearing a D SEDIN Canucks t-shirt. He wants to play. Right now.

“Gotta like the attitude,” I said to his dad. “Put me in, coach!”

Dad laughed and agreed.

“His beard is better than Daniel Sedin’s, too,” I didn’t say. Barely.


2 thoughts on “What I Didn’t Say

  1. Those who are not hockey aficionados may not recognize the importance of the beard comment. The tradition stared in the seventies. When a team makes the playoffs, the male players don’t shave, and the Sedin twins sport carefully-trimmed douchebag beards.

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