Well, THAT didn’t work…

I’m just coming out of a self-imposed Internet blackout that was intended to let me get things done. Let’s go to the scorecard and see how I did:

  • Refrigeratior: emptier
  • Cabinets: barer
  • Pile of dishes in sink: taller
  • Laundry: still out of detergent
  • Database in Jer’s Novel Writer: guts still hanging out
  • Work table: cluttered
  • The half of lliving room unusable because it’s full of furniture: unchanged.

The contents of my refrigerator as I write this are: 2 bottles of water, soy sauce, mustard, whipped cream, an open packet of paprika, and a plastic lemon filled with juice. If there’s anything in the freezer, I don’t want to know about it. Last night the cabinets surrendered the last solid food – a box of slovenské halušky mix. I was expecting something that made the meal you get in restaurants when you order slovenské halušky, but this was just the base dumpling part. My results did not match the picture on the box at all. Breakfast this morning was leftover slovenské halušky. I thought of putting soy sauce on it, but decided against it.

On the plus side, I think I’ve reached the point where I must do something or I will starve to death.

10 thoughts on “Well, THAT didn’t work…

  1. Remember the days of “pantry surprise” at the Emmadome — when culinary desperation led us to discoveries like cream-cheese-and-stir-fry burritos?

    It sounds like you’ve gone beyond the pantry limitations of the past.

    Collect your ingredients, my good man, and create!

  2. I still have toothpaste, and I also have a couple of cans of green chile in the cupboard, along with tea. I think there are some pineapple slices somewhere, and one small container of potted meat. I’m down to one bottle of water. John, you are welcome to concoct a recipie using those ingredients.

  3. Ah…..chile and potted meat…sizzled hot and then mince the pineapple and braise with a bit of soy sauce….ding ding…dinner!

    Sorry John, used to be a chef.

  4. Lydia,

    The point is I’m not a chef, and never have been. Some of my Pantry Surprise concoctions were vile. One time the larder at the Emmadome contained a can of refried beans and a can of tuna, and precious little else.

    Yep, I did. As I recall, the smell warned everybody else off. As the back-alley hash-slinger responsible for the awful stuff, I insisted on having a taste. The rest went into the trash.

    I believe Domino’s delivered dinner that night.

  5. Probably needed a quality brew, like Fire Ant, to back it up. Then you would have had a meal on your hands. Provided you had some soy sauce on hand.

  6. The greatest supply crises at the Emmadome revolved not around empty larders, but empty toilet paper spindles, when each inhabitant insisted he bought it last time and it was someone else’s turn to buy it this time.

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