Welcome to Hut

I am sitting at Pizza Hut right now, the only customer in a crumbling building (I stepped around buckets to get to my table), working on a blog episode that will appear above this one, so you’ve probably already read it even though right now I haven’t finished writing it. Time’s a trip, man.

Although the place seems pretty quiet, I just heard this from the people working in the kitchen:

“We’re out of Pizza.”

19 thoughts on “Welcome to Hut

  1. Many rocks await beneath their borrowed white mantle, awaiting Saturday’s sun and something else. They await…
    the return of the Stacker of Rocks.

  2. Ah, yes the glory days when I worked as a driver there. If I didn’t want to come it, alls it meant is that they wouldn’t have delivery that night…

  3. The place is starting to remind me of the Capitol Bar in Socorro, where they just stopped fixing things. After a couple of years almost all the furniture was gone.

    Don’t be surprised if Pizza Hut burns down some night.

  4. Wow — and I thought that Pizza Hut had hit rock bottom when they hired me.

    The only problem with the place burning down is that it’s in the same building as the only dive bar in town.

  5. Ahhhh…the 1970s and Pizza Slut. The parking lot where all the cool dopers hung out and you could buy weed and more…or so legend has it (being not cool enough or liquid enough to test this mythos myself). Some grad student was talking the other day about some giant multi-scoop sundae the Ben & Jerry’s shops serve. It reminded me of the Baskin Robbins that used to be around the corner from Pizza Slut and the “Matterhorn” you could buy – 7 scoops, seven toppings. That was my weed maaannnn (in my best Dennis Hopper voice). Does B&R even have the matterhorn anymore?
    Speaking of grad students – he has an awesome name “Eli Lazarus.” Since I am only pervious and not MOH, I can only suggest not demand that Jer start a bin (a virtual tater&onion hopper) of cool names for the writers out there. Real names I have run across recently are:
    Eli Lazarus
    Ashley Ballyntyne
    Pastor Eddie Dollar (I luv thatone. Saw it on one of those Baptist marquees so popular in the bible belt. I wonder how is rocker brother Eddie Money is doin)
    Guererra Guererva (A scientist I saw on a journal article. I’ve not remembered her name correctly and don’t have the article handy, but I remember the awesome alliteration).

    It would be interesting to have the writers weigh in on this subject because of that funny little clause on the title pages of novels about Any resemblence to actual persons living or…. Maybe a collection of real names is a bad idea???

    Yes, in the fine tradition of MR&HBI – a rambling comment. I love this place. Jer’s card should read, “Even the comments are half baked and rambling!”

  6. I have a pool of names from around the world that I sometimes browse in the registration list for Jer’s Novel Writer. In novels choosing names isn’t such a big deal, but in major motion pictures names have to be cleared by lawyers.

    At Tech, there was a guy named Hunter Eagle.

  7. which reminds me of NASCAR racer Sterling Marlin, which is an interesting name but not that interesting. But NASCAR reminds me of another driver whom I’ve never seen much of (maybe he’s in Busch series. Dunno): Dick Trickle. Seriously.
    what were his parents thinking.

  8. Yeah, when I worked on the sports desk at the Journal, we always watched the race results to see how Dick Trickle did. He was in the main NASCAR series — the Marlboro Cup, it was back then. He must be getting on in years now, however …

  9. With a name like that, there’s really only one career you can take up.

    OK, maybe two. But in the second you never use your real name.

  10. In Albuquerque, there’s a small office plaza where two adjacent tenants are Dr. Jack Zipper, chiropracter, and Dr. Russell Cornfield, podiatrist.

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