Web Search updates

Over the last couple of days there have been several search-engine-related hits, notably:

Google: indulgence hunky jesus contest pictures
aol: half baked idea
Google: squirrel guts
Google: Polkaholics

Lots of interesting things come up when you search on squirrel guts.

Just thought you might like to know.

Exciting Addendum!
This morning, got a second hit from a search on “squirrel guts”. This from a completely different domain. As a service to those who arrived at this entry because you were looking for squirrel guts, what you really want is Suicide Squirrel Death Cult.

7 thoughts on “Web Search updates

  1. Squirrel Guts is my favorite band..

    BTW…I see you are listening to the Pixies right now…I love ’em too. Did you know they are playing in concert out your way sometime soon along with radiohead? I can find the info if you would like..or just search for Pixies reunion. Cheers man..

  2. I know the Pixies are playing in Berlin in the end of June (the 29th I think), don’t know much about shows in Norway. Berlin ain’t that far…is it?

  3. Probably as side note, but here are the Pixies tour dates…at least on this side of the ocean.

    Reykjavik Kaplakrika (May 26)

    Barcelona Primavera Sound (28)

    Madrid Festimad Festival (29)

    Landgraaf Pinkpop Festival (30)

    London Carling Brixton Academy (June 2-5)

    Paris Zenith (7)

    Wiener Neustadt Aerodome (10)

    Lisbon Super Bock Super Rock Festival (11)

    Dublin Phoenix Park (12)

    Paris Zenith, France (14)

    Paris Park des Princes (15)

    Hultsfred Festival (17)

    Bologna Heineken Jammin’ Festival (19)

    Ljubljana Krizanke Monastery (20)

    Athens Rockwave (21)

    Scheesel Hurricane Festival (25)

    Neuhausen Southside Festival (26)

    Berlin Wuhlheide (29)

    Roskilde Festival, (July 2)

    Belfort Les Eurockeenes Fesitval (3)

    Werchter Festival, (4)

    Kristiansand Quart (8)

    T in the Park Festival (11)

    V Festival (August 21-22)

  4. I heard that Iceland air sometimes has good rates to Amsterdam with an extended stopover in Iceland. Maybe I can drop in on the Pixies on the way out there.

    I really need to start working out just when and how I’m going to fly out there.

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