Under Reconstruction

Some of you may have noticed a mention in the “What’s New” box up there that I’ve been having a wee bit of trouble with the blog. The executive summary is this: it broke. iBlog, the software that maintains all the episodes, generates all the interconnected pages and whatnot, took a powder. I tinkered around with it for a while with no success, and I held little hope of getting any meaningful help as the company that makes it is waist-deep in releasing a major upgrade to the program. The sensible thing, therefore, was to move this monster to the new software, so that any further problems I had would be things the developer really wants to hear about.

iBlog 2 is really much better than its predecessor, but there are still some rough edges. Three categories didn’t make the transition successfully, so I had a pile of episodes to cut and paste into the new version by hand. One feature of the new version is much more direct handling of fonts and stuff; unfortunately all those episodes were made with the assumption that there wasn’t any of that stuff, so it all had to be stripped back out.

Anyway, things are getting back to normal here, whatever that is. Let me know if you spot anything strange or if yo miss something that used to be there but isn’t anymore.

2 thoughts on “Under Reconstruction

  1. The missing sidebar stuff is not a problem with your browser. I’m not sure what the problem is, but it’s universal.

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