Two Beers

French – deux bières
Spanish – dos cervezas
Polish – dwa piwa
Czech – dve piva
Romanian – doua bere
Afrikaans – Twee Biere
Redneck: Cheap date!
German: Zwei Bier
Italian: Due birre
Russian: dva piva
Serbian: dva piva
Malay – “Dua bir”, or “dua gelas bir” although that’s rather clunky.
Mandarin Chinese: Liang ping pijiu (“lee-yang ping pee-jee-you”)
Danish – to øl
Swedish – Två öl
Latin: Duo cerevisiae
Finnish: Kaksi olutta
Portuguese: dois cervejas
Pig Latin: ootay eersbay
Canadian: 1/12th of a two-four.
Dutch: Twee bier
Flemish: Twee pintjes
Irish: Dha Beoir
Japanese: Ni-hai biiru
Esperanto: du bier
Swahili: pombe mbili
Turkish: Iki bira (ee-kee bee-rah)

Just thought you might want to know.


4 thoughts on “Two Beers

  1. You got russian written in the Czech Spot. Czech is “dve piva.” Pozor!

    Serbian: dva piva (like the russian, but not the Czech)

    Marianna points out that it’s written in azbuca (russian) and cirilica (serbian), i don’t know how to make the keyboard do that.

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