Yesterday morning I had my best ride to work yet. I just felt strong, and my time showed it. Yesterday evening I thought I would be tired after the energy expended in the morning, but I crushed the ride, averaging 15 miles per hour over 14.5 miles (not counting time at traffic lights). For many, that’s not so spectacular. For me, it’s huge. 29 quality miles yesterday.

As I was pulling up to the house last night, my bike suddenly started making a funny noise. I thought one of my panniers was rubbing on the wheel; I thought little of it.

This morning I was ready to continue my streak. I had no illusions that I’d be able to repeat my performance of the day before, but the morning air was crisp, my legs didn’t feel heavy at all, and even if it wasn’t going to be a fast ride, it was going to be a pleasant one.

Except it turns out that funny noise was a flat tire. I drove to work today.

I’ve been really fortunate in my cycling career, I guess; back in San Diego I would ride to work a couple of times a week, and I’ve never had a flat before.

Brief tangent: Unpacking all the stuff I’d put in storage from my time in San Diego, I came across a pair of bike shorts. Back in the day, I realized I was overweight and getting worse, so I resolved to ride to work a couple of times a week — 17 miles and three significant hills. I bought the shorts mainly for the padding in significant places. The thought of putting on those shorts right now is laughable. My target weight is what I weighed the last time I started biking to lose weight. Sigh.

Now I just want to ride my bike. I’ve got the newbie enthusiasm and I’m not ashamed of it. In fact I intend to milk it for all it’s worth. First, however, I have to learn how to change a tube.

7 thoughts on “Thwarted!

    • Thanks! It didn’t turn out to be very difficult once I had the right tools. Now I have heavy-duty tubes fore and aft and the remaining intact regular-strength tube in a pouch attached to my frame.

  1. So…when are you going to take the plunge and move from commuting to organized fun ride? Or charity rides? Lots to be had in northern California. And they generally come with SAG support if you flat out. That is, they may change it for you. Or (more likely) they may look at the line of females wanting tubes changed and look at you like, really dude?

    • I looked at a charity ride organized by the San Jose Sharks, but my feeble efforts to find a buddy to join with me were fruitless and I’m not (socially) confident enough to go alone. But it will happen eventually.

      There’s one monthly event put on by the San Jose Bike Party that looks like an interesting time – their site includes guidelines for those who pull sound systems on trailers behind their bikes.

      • Hmmm. It would be good for me to get the touring bike down from the loft and actually use the thing.

        You may be hearing from me, if I can work out the logistics of training rides…

        • If you’re concerned about keeping up with me, then training rides probably aren’t necessary. I may have reached the fitness level “pretty good for an overweight desk jockey” but that’s still somewhat less than Greg LeMonde.

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