Thunder and Lightning

There aren’t very many thunderstorms here in Prague, so when one happens by it’s cause for celebration. I’m sitting at the Little Café Near Home right now, and outside the window the bottom has dropped out of the sky and the rain is dumping down.

I saw the first flashes off to the west, over Žižkov, and as the storm gained intensity the thunder went from a rumble to a crash. The street outside has become a river, and people are dashing into the café for shelter. They have to fight their way through the knot of people crowded under the tiny awning over the front step, and were there room I would be out there with the other spectators.

The window is open, however, and I’m ignoring the occasional raindrop on the electrical outlet in favor of the the clean, fresh rain-driven breeze. What’s the worst that can happen?

In the time it took English Loud Phone Talker (Elpht) to come in and polish off his Red Bull and espresso, the storm passed. The smell lingers, but not even distant rumbles are audible anymore.

5 thoughts on “Thunder and Lightning

  1. Thunder and Lightening! Ah, yes symbols of the newly Un-Imperved reign of the MOH! Like Gortex the ranks are rising, and the feebled shall once again be feebful! Shock and Awe were (and, unfortunately are still) nothing compared to the MOH bombardment gathering in the proverbial east!

    Ah, yes the power
    Who’s not weatherman now
    Feel the roaring wind

  2. Are you afraid of lightnings or sound of thunders? Watch out, float dammage by the rain storm…It could be serious… I have been wet through of the strong, big drops rain today… it starts in the snap, and I did not have a place to hide… right in the midle of day in the midle of a park… just tried get through…

  3. How long does the lightning last in Prague? One of the many great things about NM is that the lightning strikes last for several seconds. You can be unaware that one has started, see the light, and turn to appreciate the motion, the forked streaks of light and the lingering retina burn. In humid climates, lightning tends to me a literal flash – blink and you’ve missed it.

  4. pL – there I was getting ready to call July 2th “Get off your ass and give me a poem day” and you got off your ass and gave me a poem suggesting a different name. I’ll get that and your other recent effort into the rotation today.

    Get off your etc. does have a more international appeal, however. I’ll ponder onwards. If I get a couple more suggestions I’ll put up a poll.

    Lightning here is brief, more of a pop! than a kazzapitypow!. The thunder still carries a punch.

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