The Trap

I think it started when an online Mac journal gave a glowing review of Jer’s Novel Writer some time last week. I’ve always had random people coming to the site, and most of them leave again, never to return. It will always be that way, and there’s no point worrying about them. Then there are the faithful few, the ones who’ve been here all along, posting or lurking as is their wont. These people know what they are getting into, and if I injure their brains it’s their own damn fault.

Now, however, there is a new category of visitor. These people come here because they are interested in the guy who wrote the software. I found myself thinking yesterday, “I should get a better episode up, so some of those visitors coming as a result of the review might come back – or at least not think that their favorite software was written by some crazed cretin who doesn’t know when to put a sentence out of its misery and go on to the next.”

That, of course is a slippery slope, changing my style to meet the tastes of some imagined constituency. I think I’m going to write an episode that’s really muddled just to snap out of it.

Oops. That’s the slope on the other side of the ridge. Gaah!

22 thoughts on “The Trap

  1. BTW. Very cool review. I understand about having more ideas than time to accomplish them.. Nice job Jeremy! ;)

    Oh, It looks like there are a few more questions for you over at the review site..

  2. Aaarghh — home be the pyrat sailorman after braving the dark night waters an pilotin’ me captured treasure galleon into safe waters.

    Of course, it would have been _so_ much easier if I’d had a Q-beam searchlight to pick out the reflective tape on all the unlit navigation buoys. Got back to the courtesy pier at the Damsite at 10:30 Saturday night after guiding “Gypsy Soul” and the St. Johns off the northern part of the lake.

  3. Things are cool…

    John, I see you’re still playin music, me too. We don’t have a website yet. We’re still working on a name we can all agree on!


  4. Arg! C’mon Pat me lad! Let’s close out “Innernatshunl be Talkin’ as we be with the Pirate life Day” with a wee bit o song!

    Tavish is dead an his brother don’t know it
    His brother is dead an Mac Tavish don’t know it
    They are both are dead an in the same bed
    An neither one knows that the other is dead!

    here’s me uddah sea shanty…

    Drink, oh drink oh come drink grog wit me
    For I don’t give a damn for any old man who won’t drink grog wit me
    Fer I love to go sailin
    wit bow-legged wimin
    An swim between their legs!

  5. errr, I have to ask what I fear may be a stupid question – when I read the piker press version of pirates of the white sand, it just sort of ends. Am I just not seeing the link to continue, or is it supposed to be a serial?

  6. There is definitely an episodic feel to the thing, and the ending in general works better on film, with the car disappearing and the music playing.

    Also, when we show the movie around, the best thing that could happen is to have someone with money or influence say, “I want to know what’s next!”

  7. And, wow. I went to see who the next MOH is, and the information is lost forever. details are only maintained for the one hundred most recent visits, and these days it doesn’t take long to rack up that many. So, unless any of you happened to check yesterday, we may be facing an MOH constitutional crisis.

  8. I did check yesterday, and I did have a look at 24,001. They were not an egg frier (I’ve seen plenty of those) because they didn’t have a search URL. Their referencing URL was a the “The blog explained” (yes I was such a geek as to follow their link and see what they were looking at). I forget their city; their domain was a commercial provider I wasn’t familiar with.

    I vote for another reign of the cowboy’s sweetheart.

  9. Seriously, when I checked here after returning from vacation, I was 24000. And then when I got my own computer up and running, it said 24001, but that was less than half an hour later, so I don’t know if that disqualifies me. I’d be proud to stay on for a second term.

  10. Keith, that was me looking at “The blog explained.” The sidebar was slow to come up on my husband’s computer (scurvy Linux dog) and I was trying to trick it into appearing.

  11. I’m on a very slow connection right now, and Editing the file over FTP would be too painful. It’s 25013, and I’ll get the main site updated tomorrow.

    Cheryl, what you describe is exactly the number behavior people often get. The first time you load the page, it counts you but sends you the old number. The next page load it sends you the updated number.

    Thanks to the diligence of the community, the crisis has been averted!

  12. Interesting phenomenon. Until I got to this comment thread, it appeared that mine was the only gravatar that had been blacked out. Now I see that Pants’ has been blacked out too.

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