The Coolest T-Shirts Ever

Every once in a while as my sweetie and I converse, one of us will say ‘that should be on a t-shirt!’ Now she’s gone and done something about it. Now you too can share in the genuis.

quick! do science!!! mug in green

quick! do science!!! mug in green

quick! do science!!!

Sometimes you need a steely-eyed, devil-may-care scientist to get you out of a scrape.

“If you have the interrabang [!?], what would you call this?” the project manager for this endeavor asked me, pointing to the ‘!!!’. After a couple of suggestions we decided on ellipsclamation. Now you know!!!

'40 - The New 39' duffel

40 – The New 39

Know anyone staring down the big 4-0? What they need is a rugged gym bag to let the world know that they aren’t intimidated by the rolling of the decade. With Science (see above) on their side, people can expect to perform at a 39-year-old level at least until 41, maybe even 42!

FAQ: WTF? Mouse Pad

My favorite: FAQ: WTF?

It is the frequently asked question.

All the above designs come plastered on a variety of products, not just the ones pictured here. T-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags and more await at Harlean’s cafepress store! If you want any of the above printed on something else, I’m sure Harlean (who is a fiction) will be happy to set that up for you.


4 thoughts on “The Coolest T-Shirts Ever

  1. OH, MY! These are all really, really good, ya’ll!!! Science rules, as does turning 40.

    Maybe I can use Cafe’ Press to make the series of t-shirts sporting joke punchlines that I’ve wanted for years: ‘To stamp out flaming ducks,’ ‘You can unscrew the light bulb,’ ‘No soap…Radio.’

    • First, yes, you should absolutely do that :D

      Second, would you PLEASE tell me the joke that belongs to ‘No soap…Radio’? I know the other two but this one is driving me crazy.

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