The Blahs

It’s been going on for a while now. We all have our ups and downs. As emotional cycles go, mine tend to linger more in “up” territory, and the amplitude of my mood wave is fairly small. I’m a pretty steady guy. When I am feeling a little low, I’ll even nurse it, gravitating toward melancholy reading and letting it show in my writing. This last low spot has been, for whatever reason, different. The words, they have not come.

Saturday was a productive day, however, and I thought I was back on the upswing. Maybe I was. I could contemplate all the stuff I need to get done and decided that Sunday I’d hit the ground running and and least shift part of the mountain. I even wrote a bit of doggerel about it.

Nope. Sunday, the very giganticness of everything I needed to do lay on top of me like a ton of paper (heavier than a ton of lead), making it impossible to even sit up. (When I get the jers software hut email working again, it will be hours of work going through it all. And that’s just one fairly minor chore.) Complete paralysis. Knowing that I was failing in my resolve, that Jer’s Software Hut could be going down the toilet and I wouldn’t even know it, that I was missing deadlines, and so forth just added to the weight.

This is not like me. I blame global warming.

Today’s a little better, perhaps because I had to leave the house to eat. (Sunday’s fare: two slices of cheese and a can of pineapple slices. I should probably unplug the refrigerator.) I got a bit of writing done, the intro to a story I think I’ll post here so I don’t have to finish the story. I really do have a lot of better things to spend my writing time on.

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