Sorry about that.

I was in the Little Café Near Home when I got the call. “Come on! Let’s go watch some football!” I would have said no, but I realized I did not have my AC adapter with me. My time there was limited anyway.

I went to the bar. When I got there, San Diego and Kansas City were knotted at zeroes. We worked our way into one end of a table, and I talked to the guy next to me, then I looked up to see Kansas City score their second touchdown. I hadn’t been there very long at all. I laughed and rocked back in my seat, and reminded myself that this is just statistics. It’s got to happen to someone. Which just proves that I am someone.

3 thoughts on “Sorry about that.

  1. Hi Jer,

    I believe we can cross off San Diego sports beat writer from your list of potential writing jobs. Your by line could be Jerry Freakin’ Hemingway, and you still wouldn’t get hired due to your … special gift. How can KC hit the 2nd longest FG in NFL history? Transatlantic karma baby.

    Have you noticed whether any of your favorite Czech teams have experienced any unexpected struggles lately?

  2. Wow. Speaking of doing a number on someone, IE is REALLY doing a number on your latest poll. What shows up: the button, and next to the button, blank space, at the bottom edge of which is what looks like it might be the bottom edge of a line of text, and then below that the last word or three of the description.

    I wonder whether CNM is using IE in order to prevent me from truly enjoying goofing off when I’m supposed to be working.

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