Some Questions Best Left Unanswered

This morning my sweetie and I were discussing schedules, which today involved trains. I mentioned the possibility that a train could run late, to which the light of my life asked, “Why would a train run late? It’s not like they have to worry about traffic.”

This evening, as I was boarding the train in question, the conductor said, “we’ve had another bomb threat.”

4 thoughts on “Some Questions Best Left Unanswered

    • Yeah, cows on the tracks. I remember one C&TS special train that Pat, Gerald, and I were on, late afternoon departure from Chama, steak dinner at Osier (the usual halfway point), and a return by the light of the full moon. Part of the entertainment was a singing cowboy on the train. He was good; we bought his CD.

      There were cows in the pasture where the railroad diverges from the highway, and they liked him, too. As he was singing “The Lonesome Cowboy,” they came crowding around the train. He had to stop singing before they would get out of the way so the train could continue on to dinner.

      • Correction … I didn’t get the name of the song right, I found out while looking up the lyrics — the real name is “Cattle Call.” Well, that’s exactly what that song did.

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