Request For Proposals

By far the most entries in this blog have been in the category “Jer’s Homeless Tour”. Not surprising, really, since that’s been the center of my life for seven months. In a few days, however, I will have a home again, in faraway Prague, and the name will no longer fit. So here’s the plan: You guys submit suggestions for what the next phase of the journey should be titled, then we can vote on them in a poll, with maximum ballot box stuffing. Jesse already had a suggestion, but I’ll let him post it up in a comment.

So what’s it going to be, guys?

10 thoughts on “Request For Proposals

  1. Everybody has seen geese and falling leaves already, but, wow, long pants on Jer – that does mean winter is nigh.

    How about the Jer’s Beers of the World Tour?

    What will the become of the Miata? Will you push it off a pier into the Atlantic to balance out Amy’s “car”? Will you burn it on the beach kind of like how Cortez burned his ships when he reached the new world? Will you leave it with Jes & Tara so that, come Spring, their new addition can develop an early appreciation for top down driving? On the last note, we have some cute pictures of Rachael in a little parka, sunglasses, car seat, and huge grin as she rode in the convertibles that Jeni & I formerly (sniff) owned.

  2. “Jer’s World Tour.”

    Please keep “tour” in the title somewhere…. I added your feed to LiveJournal as “jers_tour.”

  3. First of all, I’d like to compliment you on your fashion sense. I too am an almost year-round short wearing guy. Even in Buffalo, even in the dead of winter, shorts exposed the beauty God gave me called my legs. Plus it was always more comfortable in the bars wearing shorts. Damn Jer, I swear we met each other for a reason.

    As for the next phase of the tour. I have been batting around a few:

    1. ‘Lookin’ for a whore’ tour 2004

    2. ‘I think I crapped my pants’ tour

    3. ‘Europe doesn’t know what’s gonna hit it’ tour

    4. The ‘Keep it Up tour 2004′ (I stole that from the Loverboy Keep it Up Tour ’84)

    5. The “I’m not leavin Amy’s house until she becomes my woman’ tour.

    6. Hitting ‘Every bar in the world with wireless’, tour.

    7. Czech This! (With you grabbing your crotch) Tour

    8. The “Europe is a long drive” tour.

    9. The Norwegian Women are Easy Tour (hint)

    10. The “breasts from all over the world,” tour (that’s my favorite premise for your tour. I promise I will visit daily if that becomes the tour name.

    11. Muddled Wanderings

    12. ‘Discopants and Haircuts rocks!’ Tour. (plug)

    13. The, “I ran-out-of-people-to-live-with-here-in-the-states-and-now-I-need-to-make-friends-in-Europe” Tour

    14. On and on I could go, this being my fifth beer tonight….um…tour.

  4. Jer has been so good at being bad..influence on me, that the beer molecules have stolen the memory molecules of whatever good idea it was, that I had about renaming the tour.

  5. I vote for Bob’s version: Jer’s Beers of the World Tour. Second choice: Jer’s

    World Tour. The first version implies a greater obligation — Jer must concentrate on beer. The second version might not be so fun, but it might be more coherent.

  6. Slovenian brew? How does that compare to Gambrinus? Hope the wrap party’s coming within sight. I guess Jer’s tour won’t be totally Prag-matic if it’s focused on bar/beer-cultural exchange.

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