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Over at the gallery you can now see pics from around Slovakia (panorama is on page 2), one new inconsequential addition to the Czech bars album, and a few shots of snowy rooftops taken from my bedroom window.

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  1. the photos rock-n-roll. More panoramas please – the one is awesome. What is the story on the statue – looks like some kind of foundation myth ala’ romulus-n-remus, or maybe slav goddess. No shortage of snow, I almost expected to see a photo of you in a sleigh with a blue-eyed Julie Christie (as in Dr. Zhivago).

  2. Hi Jer,

    Have you noticed much reaction around Prague to March Madness?

    UW got a #1 seed. Are the Czechs as “outraged” as the East-coast-biased NCAA basketball elitists are?

    (Jess, just so you know, I don’t put you or Duke overall in that group.)

  3. Another thing you are probably not following is the WA state so-called-election for governor.

    All I will say about it at this time is:

    a.) the thing is still working its way glacially through the courts, and

    b.) the Ukraine has a better functioning democracy than WA state has.

  4. Hey, how about them Lobos? That’s the bias I was worried about: the East Coast elitists anti-WAC (or whatever it is these days). Good for UNM for just removing the suspense and winning the tournament by beating 15th ranked Utah. Can the Lobos crack the Sweet 16? Pardon me while I check the brackets… Hmm, Villanova and then Florida or Ohio. Could be done I suppose.

  5. Jer,

    Thanks for keeping the Road Trip/Highway 60 entry on your favorites list: I just gave the URL to someone traveling from SD to Santa Fe via Phoenix, since I was of course recommending the Salt River Canyon route.

  6. Omar Sharif? I would sooner associate Jerry with Tom Courtenay (Strelnikov). Something about dashing about the snowy country side on a steam train creating havoc. That and the glasses.

  7. Hi Keith,

    Of course, I am delighted that New Mexico won the Mountain West Conf. Tourney. And, of course you are right, they wouldn’t have been invited to the big dance if they hadn’t.

  8. Go, Lobos — both the men AND the women! And please, don’t call the women’s team the “Lady” Lobos. The term connotes a certain delicacy — such as keeping one’s pinky extended when one sips one’s tea. These aren’t ladies — they’re WOMEN!

    Yeah, the MWC doesn’t get the respect that it deserves, either with the men or with the women. Officially, the NCAA makes selections and seedings based on merit, but I’ve seen a whole lot of evidence that the selection and seeding of teams has a lot to do with what teams have the most backers willing to spend a lot of money to go to the tournament. Albuquerque isn’t exactly a big market, so the NCAA selection committee doesn’t want to give it all that much prestige.

    The upshot is that, especially for the women’s team, the seeding is utterly awful.

  9. Bob, I have a very very mild soft spot for Duke, mainly thru osmosis. But as I say, it is very mild, probably due to the fact that every game night, I walk past Cameron Stadium (on my way to my parking lot) past the fat cadillacs and lexuses and jaguars and (you get the idea) and it is clear a poor country boy staff member will never afford tickets to any home game. I am rooting for my grad alma mater, sixth seed Texas Tech against UCLA. ANd if you don;t like it, I’ll throw a chair across the room and grab you by the neck. (for those who don;t know bob knight is coach of TTU).

  10. Hey, great job by both the Raiders and the Raiderovas. I notice that the star players on both teams are from New Mexico.

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