Programming Note: Sweetness

Sometimes I write an episode that I’m particularly pleased with, only to have it greeted by the sound of crickets chirping. It’s possible that while people enjoyed reading it, they didn’t have anything to add afterward, so there are no comments. That’s what I tell myself, anyway. Soon we’ll put that assertion to the test. The results may prove depressing, but I am experimenting with a feature that will allow readers to say “I liked that episode” without actually leaving a comment.

There are definitely some aesthetic issues to resolve, but there is now an option to vote on episodes you like. It’s not a big deal, just a way for you to say, “thanks, Jer, for sharing your genius with us on the topic of the proper way to belch after a meal.” Or whatever world-shaking topic I’ve chosen to tackle in a particular episode. Don’t be shy out there, if you like lots of episodes, feel free to shower me with kudos! Really!

After I get the episode-voting in, I intend to add a similar system for comments, so when someone leaves a particularly good comment the rest of the blogcomm can clap. If no one ever votes for any of my episodes, I will cry silent bitter tears and remove the feature.

3 thoughts on “Programming Note: Sweetness

  1. Also, note that the episodes with the most votes show up in the sidebar. If you have a lovingly-remembered favorite, you can do back and add some sweetness!

  2. Hey, is anyone using Firefox on Windows having trouble with the Sweetness voting? When you vote for something, it should increment the counter immediately and change “Sweet!” to “Thanks!”

    In one case at least, it’s not working. Next time you like an episode, can you test that for me? Thanks!

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