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What we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. Yes, now you too can look ahead to the many exciting holidays in the Muddled Year, and even help name some of them! Included also are moon phases, eclipses, and other fun stuff!

The URL for the calendar is:

If you have a calendar program (e.g., iCal) that knows about the webcal:// protocol, you can subscribe to the calendar and be updated automatically as events are added or named. What fun!

There is a link to the calendar over in the sidebar in a section called “holiday ticker”, which alerts you to important events coming up in the Muddled Months ahead.

9 thoughts on “Programming Note

  1. First off: as I said in a previous post to the weird dream entry, good show on the new calendar.

    Secondly, with apologies, I’m about to go off topic. Occasionally we MR&HBIites don’t follow along with subject of the entry. But this is a great community, and I appreciate the freedom here. Thusly, the offtopic topic…

    I have spent the morning trying to figure out what to do with my old computer. The more technical MR&HBIites will laugh at me for having gotten from 1996 to 2004 with a Micron PC Pentium I, Windows 95, 132meg RAM, and a 32baud modem. What can I say, I do 99.9% of my computing at work, I didn’t need anything better at home. We had to quit the old girl because it couldn’t find its modem anymore (probably after some mischief by a virus or somesuch – who would write a virus to work on such an old thing?).

    Anywho, Ebay has a site devoted to recycling electronics. I used their quote calculater just to make sure I shouldn’t try to sell it first. My quote was $0.00. At least there was no negative sign. “Sure we’ll buy it…if’n ya PAY us!” So the only option is to take it to be recycled.

    But man that’s surprisingly hard to accept. To tear off the case, grind the innards, scrap the metal, bind the hazardous materials.


    And works well. It’s just that, unlike a 39 Ford or a Model T, it can’t even approach highway speeds. How can something work so well (and if I was a PC guru, even the modem oughto work well) and be so dag-blamed obsolete. So not-even-in-the-category of “oooh this retro toaster will look great in your kitchen” or “except for the blaupunkt stereo with GPS, this 65 Mustang is all original.” Compliments to Micron for making a solid peice of hardware. I wonder what ever became of them.

  2. In our part of the world too, most of the time the choice is to

    (1) pay somebody big bucks to recycle the computer via shipping to a center, or (2) be environmentally irresponsible and stuff the thing in the trash. (Variation: disassemble the unit, trash the case and power supply, but leave circuit boards on a back shelf.)

    About once a year, I think the City of Albuquerque and Intel sponsor a computer recycling day. Usually when we’re out of town, of course.


  3. I find that obsolete or busted home electronics respond well to the gentle nudge of a pump-action 12 Gauge. Nothing left of the things. Actually, I like to start out with the .45 or 9mm, maybe the AR15. Punch a few holes into it for shits and giggles. Then proceed to obliterate it with the Mossberg.

  4. Brian there is a spot in a NM canyon that would fill you with lust – obliterated trees, and rusting hulks of shot up TV carcasses as well as defunct autos. I just hope you don’t have any depleted uranium laying around.

    In my above missive, I forgot to mention I had checked into using the old computer as a dedicated processor for They are like [email protected], where they get volunteers to use the downtime of their computers to run climate model experiments. The rub is that the minimum requirement is an 800mhz processor – the old girl is 164mhz. Anybody feel like helping research into global warming might want to check them out:

    Pat, I agree, that the shipping charge is a good way to have old computers end up in landfills. The computer manufacturers need to be smarter than that. Come on manufu’s, do the right thing and cough up the shipping expense.

  5. A little visit to el Fuego’s yielded this gem – “… chatter from my brother whining for help with his little book, and some beers.”

    HaHaHaHa ROTFLMFAO! Fuego, you slay!

  6. Good news, at least as reported in the Albuquerque Journal about three days ago — Intel, Dell, Apple, and some other manufacturers are starting a recycling program that won’t cost anything … all one has to do is drop the equipment off.

    The previous charges for recycling, BTW, weren’t shipping charges — even if you hand-delivered the stuff to the recycling site, the $50 or so was the charge for recycling. As Jess mentioned, that’s a great way to guarantee that all the valuable and/or toxic stuff ends up in a landfill.

    Meanwhile, speaking of the ABQ Journal, I’ve got a new article about the International truck … I’m planning on forwarding it to John H, but if anyone else is interested, let me know.

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