Productivity was never less productive

Instead of doing something useful, I spent the last little while taking a random sample of pages from the blog in an effort to estimate just how big this thing is. I sampled 20 episodes added up the word count, divided by 20 and multiplied by 427 (that total may include an episode or two that I never published). None of the randomly selected entries was an Eels episode, and one was a haiku.

The total? Almost 170,000 words, not counting the titles or the introductions. If it was a novel, it would be a very fat one. There’s a significance there, a message, but I sure don’t know what it is.

6 thoughts on “Productivity was never less productive

  1. Happy SOS Day to all.

    The site meter reminds us that time is running out for the Lew administration. While she is easily the most photogenic MOH we have had (who’s gonna argue that one), she will soon be as pervious as the rest.

    Who will be MOH on 5/5/05?

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