Pop Quiz!

A hunter leaves his camp and walks five miles due south, then turns east and goes five miles, where he shoots a bear. He drags the bear five miles straight north back to his camp.

What time is it when he gets there?

7 thoughts on “Pop Quiz!

  1. I have no sense about which posts people will respond to. Perhaps it was my arch-enemy’s most perfect response that shut everyone else down. Perhaps everyone recognized the fact that at the north pole there is no day, and recognizing that fact everyone stayed home. Honesely, though, I expected more from you guys.

    Of course, I expected some pedantic git (oh, I’m not the only one, I know) to say that above a certain parallel it’s all GMT, but more than that I expected poetic responses, about the movement of the seasons and shit like that.

    In the end, though, I think Pants (if that’s his real name) naied it. Not much more to say after that.

    Except, perhaps… mmmmm, bear meat.

  2. With all due respect to Pants, Dr. et al, his so called “most perfect response” is only half right.

    The correct answer is “Time for a bar special”.

    Who wouldn’t be up for Guinness Stout and Polar Bear Kabobs back at huntin’ camp after the refreshing 10 mile stroll?

  3. So, you were expecting a pedantic git to comment about GMT? Which seems like you were baiting said git(s). Which seems….mean. Also, you have humbly made references in other passages to how few readers you have. Which says that you think your small cadre of fans/friends includes pedantic gits. Well that’s just mean. I wouldn’t call my dog a pedantic git.

    Well, mister meany-pants, perhaps you didn’t know that GMT is sooo last century. The modern quiz master would know to use “UTC” for Universal Time Coordinate. The modern quiz master would know that for half a year its daylight, not dark at the NP. You never said *what* time of the year said hunter went out. (and yes there is a year round ice cap.) Finally, the modern quiz master would know that its really really mean to talk about hunting cuddly, cute animals that just want to make a living selling coca-cola products.

    Oh, can I still answer the question? I think he got back at 7:36PM.

  4. Well, I had an answer before all of that. After reading of Jesse’s helpful hints and wisdom I’m just sorry he’s already married.

  5. I’ll be a smart… .

    He isn’t at camp. He’s 5mi east of camp.

    But hmm, whats that smell…bear meat…grilling over hot fire…I think i’m gonna go now…maybe. :/

  6. Ahh, Gerald, have you been reading the book about scientific errors and blunders? Here we see ….


    And all this time, the squirrels have been doing their best to make sure we don’t know it. They even put kinks into streets in Albuquerque to make people think those streets are following section boundaries that are skewed to make rectangles fit on a sphere.

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