Parking Postits

I’d like to have a set of post-it-style notes printed up, with a variety of messages for a variety of parking situations. Some of the messages might include:

  • By what definition could this vehicle possibly be considered a compact?
  • This is a nice car! It would be a shame if it was damaged because you never learned to park. Just sayin’.
  • One slot per car, asshole.
  • I don’t care if the Amazon Kindle team is packed into way too small a space. That doesn’t mean you can use our parking garage.

The last one is fairly specific; and honestly if I were in charge I’d cut a deal with Amazon and lease them bottom level of our garage. The others, though, I think you can appreciate.


2 thoughts on “Parking Postits

  1. I don’t mind the person with the fancy/expensive polished car who parks wonky over many spaces to ensure they don’t get dinged. They earned it. Their car is better then ours and they deserve to protect it.

    HA! Just joshin’. Scratch the s* out of that mofo. In my dear departed 1986 beater camry I used to make sure I pulled right up next to those jerks.

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