Ogling Google

I’m sure this is far more interesting to me than to anyone else, but here are some of the searches that lead people here today (it was a big google gay):

  • Google: La Dolce Vida – 4 of them today! God bless that spelling. These seem to come in bunches. I wonder if something in the media triggers them.
  • Google: happy birthday clothes
  • Google: wingnut adams blues band – twice from the same domain
  • Google: darth vader returns
  • Google: squirrel death
  • Google: car passed over – again? Anyone who arrives here because of that search is welcome to explain what they were looking for

What is it with people and squirrels?

By the way, I think I’ve run out of antisquirrels. Can I get more at the dealership?

5 thoughts on “Ogling Google

  1. Most days, we get two or three people visiting from google searches, tops. Some days, none at all. The big google day brought 10 hits to the site and made it the biggest day in this blog’s young life.

  2. “car passed over” ….

    Shouldn’t people be dealing with John Edwards to make contact with their dearly departed automobiles?

    Ah, yes, I’d like to reach my beloved 1982 Toyota Corolla. Look, I’m sorry about the afternoon on the Teamsters’ Nightmare. And you know if I could do it over again, I’d never buy those cheap tires again….

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