No Pants Day

I had a big write-up planned about all the legitimately free music I’ve found, where you can find it, and my new favorite band (eX-Girl – a frightfully strange and completely musical group out of Japan), but I’m tired. Dodging eagles and watching people shock themselves senseless has taken it out of me.

I listened yesterday to Radio Free Pants – The voice of a new fashion sense, and I enjoyed it. It was a good combination of music I knew and liked and stuff I’d never heard before. Steve Martin punctuated the evening.

Alas, today I couldn’t hook up. Hopefully that’s because everyone in the world was already listening. I hope the link above works, but I may have screwed up and I’m frankly too tired to test it. If I didn’t do it right, just visit dphc using the link in the navigation section over there.

3 thoughts on “No Pants Day

  1. There is also the possibility that I failed to connect due to stupidity.

    Speaking of Stupidity, I also hope that calling it Radio Free Pants does not piss off Pants, Dr., Inc, the giant conglomerate which own a growing percentage of the media market.

  2. nothing pisses me off really…Well some things but not that…I like the name. Now if you called it “radio from an asshole,” maybe I would feel a tad hurt. I wouldn’t have to exercise my, clear-channel like influence to all who defy the pants!

    Speaking of that, you seem to be getting a growing number of fans yourself….with good reason.

    Is Carol Anne your sister?

  3. Whoa, what a perfect setup!

    Yes, I’m Jerry’s sister. You take me back to many long years ago, when I was a substitute teacher. I was subbing at a middle school where my other brother (pL) was a student. One girl came up to me and asked, “Are you pL’s sister?” I answered, “Yes; why do you ask?” She responded, “He’s been telling everybody he’s an only child.”

    pL had to change his tune that afternoon when Jerry showed up in his Alfa Romeo (this was before Miatas had been invented) to pick him up after school.

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