Merry SOS Day

Our beloved May twoth holiday, SOS day, is also known as “The first twoth where nobody had a really good name.” SOS day is so named because SOS naturally follows Mayday.

So, in order to celebrate the fifth twoth of the year, let us all imagine we have been stranded on a deserted island for the day. It is a friendly island, and while your transceiver peeps out . . . – – – . . . you have a chance to save your own soul. Come on! The sun is warm, the breeze is, uh… breezy, and the azure water in the lagoon is bathtub-warm. Put your feet up and relax. Did I mention that this island has a refrigerator and a bookstore? And what tropical island would be complete without a blender?

Tell us about your SOS day!

6 thoughts on “Merry SOS Day

  1. Here in Prague, I plan to substitute “Beer Garden” for “Tropical Island”, but I do wish the sun would come out. Saving one’s soul is so much easier when the sun is shining.

    No matter. I’ll find that soul (it’s in there somewhere, they tell me) and save it’s ass!

  2. Well, if the breeze is breezy, better take advantage of that by having a nice, sleek sailboat to sail around the island in. Of course, if one has a boat, then one isn’t really stranded, but maybe we can say that this island is so far from any land that a boat built for speed wouldn’t be able to carry enough provisions to get there.

    After sailing, let’s check out that refrigerator … ah, Hazed and Infused … and the liquor cabinet next to the refrigerator … Campari. Nice.

    In the bookstore, I’d start at the lighter end of things, maybe catch up on a few mysteries that I’ve been meaning to read, some adventure, a little science fiction or fantasy. Then maybe I’d work into the serious novels.

    Oh, does the bookstore also have a video section? I’ve now been told by at least two people (three if you count a very indirect hint in a book I just read) that I need to watch The Philadelphia Story, and there are several old swashbuckling movies that would go well on a tropical island.

  3. Ah, you know how to take advantage of a tropical island. Just so you know, once you get out of the lagoon the wind is a mercurial but readable if you know where to look ten knots. Give or take ten knots. But you can read it.

    So you’re browsing the library, but not naming names! I call book foul!


    The Philadelphia Story is yar.

  4. Ha. It’s somewhere between Autumn and Winter in my land. Feels clser to winter. I’ve got a blanket, a hot mug of tea, and “Staring at Sound – The True Story of Oklahoma’s Fabulous Flaming Lips”. In the background, I can hear Steve Drozd drumming like a VanGogh.

  5. OK, in the mystery section, there are at least two Lillian Jackson Braun “The Cat Who …” books I need to catch up on, and some Patricia Cornwell, and Sue Grafton’s latest (I’ve even lost track of what letter she’s on). In the adventure section, I’m looking to read the whole “Master and Commander” series — I’ve read one of them so far.

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