Medical Fun Fact!

Hey! did you know that even after your fortieth birthday you can spontaneously develop serious food allergies to things you’ve been able to eat your whole life? I had no idea such a thing was possible until my sweetie and I shared a shrimp salad, just like we’ve done before. Only this time… yow!

She’s OK now.


2 thoughts on “Medical Fun Fact!

  1. I know three contemporaries (and therefore closer to 50 than 40) who have celiac disease, and now have to have gluten free diets. All of them developed it within the last 10 years, or at least diagnosed it as celiac awareness has exploded in the last decade (see: gluten free aisle in your health food store).

  2. So we have been learning a lot about food allergies in the past two years. Mike has suffered with Migraines his entire life. Now we found out they are due to food allergies, cut those things out and they virtually went away. But lately he has to keep adding more to the list of things he cannot eat. Found out he has Leaky Gut Syndrome, probably caused by not knowing he was allergic, and eating the food anyway.. and our lack of treatment (of the leaky gut) causes him to develop sensitivities to more and more food all the time. We are really trying to take charge of what we eat and be proactive about all that.

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