Making Fun of Microsoft

While Apple ads are smug and annoying, Microsoft ads are downright fun. There’s one in heavy rotation right now, featuring a young woman sitting with her laptop at a French sidewalk cafe, talking (in French) about how Microsoft incorporated her revolutionary idea into their new operating system. What was this great innovation that apparently never occurred to the boys in Redmond before?

She thought it would be great if her computer didn’t crash so often.

Wow! Hold the phone, there, Sparky! Not Crashing? That’s some out-of-the-box thinking right there! At least, it’s innovative thinking for Microsoft, apparently.

I suppose if it takes some French chick to point that out for them, well, I’m glad she took the time. My copy of Windows 7 arrived two days ago and is now installed on my Mac. Hasn’t crashed once in the half-hour I’ve run it.

7 thoughts on “Making Fun of Microsoft

  1. You’re not the only one who chuckled at that bold statement. Not crashing? Now there’s an idea. I’m sure the folks at Red Hat are smiling as well.
    EOR (elevator ocelot rutabaga)

  2. 1) Happy birthday
    2) I just can’t get over how bad that entire ad campaign is, regardless of whatever feature they’re touting. The “I’m a PC” ads were good, but not as great as its target, Apples’ “Hi, I’m a Mac/I’m a PC”. But the current set are an unfunny muddle of feature touting, just plain folks (PCs), and crazy “reenactments” with second actors that are confusing and just not funny. I’d say they should fire their ad campaign firm, but I suspect they’ve gone through every firm on Madison avenue by this time.

  3. Yeah, I’ve noticed that more than a couple of the “new” features have been out for a while. Some from older Windows versions, some from other OSs. And why is it a new idea for everything to work? Hasn’t that been going on with everyone else for an age and a half?

  4. Happy birthday … I’d give you a call, but I don’t have a current phone number. Elevator Ocelot Rutabaga.

    Yeah, what a radical idea, a computer that doesn’t crash.

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