Kindle 2 Rocks?


Hmm… super-high resolution screen, and FREE unfettered internet access anywhere? Add to that books that cost a fraction of what they would on paper. Interesting. Very interesting. Is this one of those geat “writers don’t need stinking publishers anymore, they just need a bit of marketing and good word of mouth”, or is it “good writing will get buried in the noise because the traditional filters between the public and the host of really bad writers has been torn down” or is it “the era of the influential critic”?

Or is it all three?

By the way, the comic is xkcd, which will appeal to geeks of all stripes.

Important things you should know: I get a kickback if you use the link to buy a Kindle. I’ve never even seen a Kindle in real life. Make sure when you buy it that you’re getting a Kindle 2.

3 thoughts on “Kindle 2 Rocks?

  1. Re filming you story: You wouldn’t have to frequent pubs and bars late into the night. Re Hastings: I thought there was going to be a REAL power outage at the crucial moment!

  2. I shrunk the cartoon in this post so it didn’t get so pushy, but I didn’t shrink it that much, because I thought I was compromising legibility, especially in the last frame. And that’s where the funny is!

  3. And interesting coda to this story in Business Week that certainly seems like good news for writers:

    The iPhone also may have proved to Amazon just how enthusiastic consumers could be about reading e-books on their mobile phones, despite its relatively smaller screen and shorter battery life. According to O’Reilly research, books were the fastest-growing category of applications in Apple’s App Store in the 12 weeks ending on Mar. 1. The App Store also has selling power: In the same period, the number of books selling for $10 or more has grown from 1 out of every 50 to 1 in 10.

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