File this one under ‘more things you really didn’t need to know’…

It started a few days ago. I started feeling itchy all over. Then the bumps started showing up. I am now covered with itchy red bumps. Writing about it makes me think about it even more. Itchy, itchy itchy.

You’d never know by looking, however, and when I figured that out I had the likely cause of my malaise. I only have bumps where my clothes touch me. Two weeks ago I bought a new batch of laundry detergent. I have heard the complaints of others (some who read this, in fact) and I have always counted myself as fortunate that such afflictions do not affect me. Until now. I can’t imagine what would happen to someone who actually had sensitive skin if they used this stuff.

Of course, after I bought the detergent I washed all my clothes (had a bit of a backlog waiting for the detergent) so suddenly I was left with practically nothing to wear that wouldn’t make things worse. My hawaiian shirts escaped, but the weather isn’t really favorable for those. The worst, of course, is the underwear. Once I figured out the problem I put the remainder of my clothes that were still clean through another wash cycle with no detergent, hoping for some intensive rinsing action, but I’m still itchy and bumpy. I’m not sure what it’s going to take to fully expunge whatever chemical it was that I reacted to. Whatever it was, it was nasty.

Hopefully it’s just that the irritation is slow to fade and its not that the problem is actually something else entirely.

10 thoughts on “Itchy!

  1. I’m pretty sure the traditional Eastern European response to this prolem is to douse yourself in pink calamine lotion, and wander the streets, being exceptionally polite to people…

    Also, I’ dlove to abuse the MOH corner, but I known not how…(I may be the stupidest MOH we’ll ever see, you know)

  2. Well, that would explain Pink Guy.

    As for your MOH willies, rest assured that there’ve been plenty of stupid MOH’s in the past. Send me what you want put in the MOH’s corner, and I’ll put it. I should have made it clearer that while the content is yours, the access will always be mine.

  3. Hello? Someone say “stupid MOH of the past”?

    There’s a poll in there someplace, if it can be constructed not to offend the easily offended (no offense, MrC5k).

  4. Jerry, if you have any Benedryl or something…that should help. I have contact reaction to soaps so have had that happen. Not as severely as your reaction *knocks on wood*.

    Powder helps too for those delicate ‘spots’.

  5. Allergies are such interesting animals. They are an overreaction of the body to something benign, and are essentially “learned” by your body. When a person moves somewhere new, they are commonly fine for the first couple of pollen seasons, and then over time they “learn” to become allergic to the native plants.
    Often the first time people ever rub up against poison ivy they have no reaction. It’s the second time they walk by the plant…
    Also, I don’t think this is your problem, but there has been a resurgence in pesticide-resistant bedbugs.

  6. And the best place for a super-allergic person is far out to sea, where there is no pollen at all. If you keep the boat dry so there isn’t mold or mildew, you’re really in great shape.

  7. Currently I’m dealing with the problem by turning up the heat to levels not seen since Soup Boy moved out, and wearing as little as possible.

  8. Interesting image: Jer on a boat, probably a notch or two shabbier than Alouette, wandering the seven seas, writing, keeping the world informed via occasional satellite uplink with his trusty Powerbook, and otherwise having about the amount of human contact he seems to do well with — once in a while coming into port.

    And spending most of the time without clothes on, which is apparently the way many long-distance cruising sailors travel.

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